The Water Cooler

Welcome to the Water Cooler, Cyclopure’s new blog. Here, we’ll gather to share news, events and ideas around the water cooler – any and everything pertinent to restoring the health of drinking water all over the world.

Our chemists will use The Water Cooler to add photos and videos about progress in our labs, and news of our activities in the field using DEXSORB+. No tall tales here. But, we’ll definitely sprinkle in a few brags about our company’s growing recognition and partnerships, plus accomplishments that make us proud.

We’d also love to blog about YOU, whether you are part of our growing global community of customers, a friend of Cyclopure, or someone who cares about the safety and quality of drinking water. Drop us a note, say hi, or upload a photo in the comment section. We especially like photos with Cyclopure merch – stuff like test kits, water bottles, cups, bags, and more. We appreciate every last ounce of your participation. Thanks!

Here’s to making water safe, affordable and sustainable! — Frank Cassou, CEO


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