Some see cornfields.
We see DEXSORB®.

DEXSORB Farm to Tap

DEXSORB weighs in

Chemical & Physical Characteristics
Polymer Structure
crosslinked cyclodextrin
yellow powder or granule
Adsorption Mechanism
hydrophobic interactions
Molecular Separation
uniform 0.78 nm cups
Bulk Density (wet)
0.50 g/mL
Specific Gravity
Effective Size (powder)
20 to 150 µm
Effective Size (granule)
212 to 1200 µm
Thermal Stability
300° C (572° F)

Get Pure Fast

Rapid Removal

DEXSORB®’s tiny sub-nanometer cups are perfectly sized to target and scoop out PFAS. 300 quintillion cups in each gram of DEXSORB® allow rapid removal of PFAS upon contact, creating an adsorbent barrier that blocks further passage of the toxin.

High Capacity

Three’s a crowd. Large materials in water can muscle in to block adsorption of PFAS in other absorbents. DEXSORB’s uniform sub-nanometer cups deflect large materials by size exclusion, reserving their adsorbent capacity for PFAS.


DEXSORB is the first-ever, corn-based adsorbent to purify water. Using renewable cyclodextrins for adsorption of PFAS helps keep access to drinking water affordable.


Whereas other adsorbents are single-use, DEXSORB® can be regenerated for multiple cycles of use, providing cost-effective treatment efficiencies.


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