Derived from corn, DEXSORB adsorbents are eco-friendly and effective against  thousands of micropollutants.
Our DEXSORB line of
cyclodextrin-based adsorbents
set a new standard in
micropollutant removal
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Drinking Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Specialty Applications
DEXSORB is effective across
a wide range of of water treatment and
specialty applications.
Introducing DEXSORBTM adsorbents.
The new standard in micropollutant removal.
The future of
safe drinking water
Oct 9, 2018
CycloPure issued patent for a method of using its DEXSORB™ absorbent to rapidly remove undesirable flavorant compounds from beverages. 
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Sept 27, 2018
National Science Foundation awards CycloPure $725,000 SBIR grant to adapt its DEXSORP-MP adsorbent for home-use, micropollutant removal applications.
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June 1, 2018
Dutch Firms Waternet, Witterveen + Bos Announce Collaboration with CycloPure.
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