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PFAS-free water by DEXSORB®

DEXSORB for PFAS as a Top 30 Technology for Emerging Contaminants

Purefast® Home80 and Purefast® Home20 are available now.

Purefast Home80

"The installation was quite simple, and took about 30 minutes for the hook up."
Mike F.
“We were particularly impressed with Cyclopure's commitment to the environment as the DEXSORB absorbent in this system is renewable and reusable and does not put PFAS back in the water supply." 
The PFAS Free Condurso Family
"It brings me great peace of mind to know I’m providing PFAS free water throughout the entire house."
Lyn W.

Purefast Home20

Water Test Kit On Us

One Water Test Kit Pro with purchase of Purefast Home80

Whole Home

Provides PFAS protection for only a penny per gallon.


Only home filter that removes PFAS to non-detect

Sustainable Use

Regeneration of DEXSORB + PFAS Destruction

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Monitoring
Regenesis announces FluxTracer, a PFAS groundwater monitoring tool using DEXSORB.

Cyclopure has partnered with REGENESIS to develop FluxTracer a passive sampler that uses DEXSORB for PFAS mass flux measurement in groundwater. DEXSORB features high selectivity to PFAS and quantitative desorption on PFAS, which makes it highly compatible with environmental monitoring applications like passive sampling. The incorporation of DEXSORB in FluxTracer provides a highly advanced and precise groundwater monitoring tool to the industry. Read more about FluxTracer for PFAS here.

(Press Release Link; Article Link).
Military Air Base
Cyclopure awarded contract by Defense Innovation Unit to demonstrate DEXSORB’s ability to remediate AFFF-impacted groundwater.

In September 2023, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) of DoD awarded Cyclopure a contract to install a DEXSORB system for pump-and-treat remediation of AFFF-impacted groundwater at a designated DoD site in Willow Grove, PA. Cyclopure will demonstrate the use of DEXSORB for PFAS sequestration followed by the separation and concentration of PFAS waste. System installation is planned for February 2024. Read about the project further here.

Industrial Wastewater
Cyclopure and its partner GLX to install first full-scale DEXSORB treatment system at Michigan manufacturing facility.

In October 2022, Cyclopure partnered with GLX to install a DEXSORB PBF system to treat wastewater from a metal plating facility in Michigan. The DEXSORB pilot system operated for 36 weeks, demonstrating a superior PFAS treatment solution with 12 times operating capacity of the current GAC system. As a result, the metal plating facility has approved the construction and installation of a full-scale DEXSORB treatment system. Cyclopure will partner with GLX for the continuation of this project. Read about the project further here.

Consumer Products

(NEW) Purefast Home
Cyclopure’s whole home PoE filtration system for PFAS now available.

Our Purefast Home filters are the only whole home filters that reduce PFAS to non-detect levels. For only a penny per gallon, you’ll enjoy PFAS-free water at every tap in your home. Our filters are designed to be light and compact for easy installation in households on public water supply or private wells. Cyclopure offers a filter exchange program. Customers who return used DEXSORB vessels in a postage-paid box receive a discount on the purchase of a replacement filter. Vessels can be easily switched out after system installation, without additional plumbing. Used DEXSORB is recovered from returned vessels and regenerated for use in non-drinking water applications. During this regeneration, PFAS waste is separated from the media and concentrated for full destruction to prevent recontamination of the environment. Click here to learn more about our Purefast Home filters!

(COMING SOON) Purefast for Lead
Cyclopure has developed a second water pitcher filter cartridge for PFAS and Lead removal.

Like the original version of Purefast, the new filter cartridge for Lead (and PFAS) has been designed to fit Brita countertop pitchers. Purefast for Lead (and PFAS) has been tested with a capacity to treat 40 gallons of water, and is planned for January 2024.

PFAS Water Test Kit
Cyclopure’s Water Test Kit Pro used to test over 6,000 water samples for PFAS.

Cyclopure’s Water Test Kit (WTK) Pro was developed with funding from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to provide a convenient, affordable and accurate method to test for PFAS in water. WTK uses our DEXSORB media to extract PFAS in point of site sampling. This avoids shipment of water back to the lab and preserves the PFAS concentration at the time of sampling. WTK has been used over 6,000 times by homeowners, students, researchers, and environmental groups to test water from homes, lakes, and rivers across the United States. We test for 55 PFAS compounds, with a reporting limit of 1 ng/L (1.0 ppt). Watch video to see how easy it is to use.

Targeting PFAS Everywhere to Make Water Safe

With its rapid uptake, DEXSORB is uniquely suited to remove PFAS in standard home filtration formats: Countertop Pitchers; Faucet Mount; Under-the-Counter; Refrigerator; and Whole Home Point-of-Entry.

With its molecular selectivity to PFAS, and size-exclusion resistance to fouling, DEXSORB removes PFAS with high capacity and equal performance in varied water matrices, including surface water; groundwater; wastewater; and landfill leachate.

Stopping PFAS starts with knowing. DEXSORB has been adapted for use in multiple applications to monitor PFAS contamination, including Grab Sampling for time and point specific measurements; Passive Sampling for time averaged sampling; and Deep Well Monitoring for groundwater.

DEXSORB® Engineered with Circular Purpose for a Better World





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