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DEXSORB® adsorbents are ready to take your tap back to pure

The water in your home should be healthy, affordable, and sustainable. Cyclopure has developed new eco-friendly adsorbents that remove micropollutants to make your tap water safe again. We want to undo the reliance and belief that pure water comes from plastic bottles.

Know your drinking water

Uninvited guests that you can’t see

How’s the health of your water? Hundreds of tiny, hard to treat chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals currently escape removal and are making themselves at home through your faucet. Our technology not only treats water to remove micropollutants, but can also be used to test water for the presence of these harmful chemicals.

What are micropollutants?

Test your water

Science by nature

At Cyclopure, we use  derivatives of corn called cyclodextrins to make first-ever adsorbents to remove micropollutants from water. By ‘micro’ we mean really, really small: sub-nanometer, can’t-see level of tiny.

Sustainably made, our DEXSORB® adsorbents can quickly and safely remove hundreds of micropollutants from your water, including PFAS chemicals that are menacing public water supplies.

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Everybody needs “drinking water”

We are water. It’s 60% of our bodies and 70% of the earth’s surface. The brain is 73% water. Lungs are 83%. Babies are 78% at birth. We believe restoring the water we need #backtopure means more people can enjoy healthy, vibrant lives.

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