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Planet first. Protect health. Deliver affordable solutions. Gain trust. Act responsibly with integrity. Provide excellent service. Be available and responsive. Make DEXSORB available to filter out PFAS from drinking water and non-drinking water sources. Make PFAS-free drinking water available to everyone, everywhere.


Our vision is a world where every water source is free from harmful PFAS chemicals. In this world, communities can thrive without health risks of contaminated water, and nature can flourish in its purest state. This is the Cyclopure vision.


What drives us? Using advanced technologies like DEXSORB to purify water, and make it safe from the harmful effects of contaminants. Making water safe is a public health activity that makes every day inspired. With DEXSORB, we see a future where safe water is available for everyone, everywhere.


Improve the world by fixing water.

The future is PFAS-free water.

We have the solutions.

Pioneering PFAS Solutions for Water Since 2016

Whether in the home or large scale engineered systems, DEXSORB for PFAS provides clean, safe water while protecting the environment.

A Sustainable Solution

Made from renewable sources, DEXSORB is the first fully reusable absorbent that removes PFAS to undetectable levels. The future of clean water has arrived.

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