What Makes Water Test Kit Pro Different?

Jun 6, 2024 | Blogs

When it comes to testing for PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in water, Cyclopure’s Water Test Kit (WTK) stands out for its innovative and efficient approach. Backed by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) funding, WTKs have provided reliable PFAS testing services for individuals, communities, and organizations worldwide.

So, what makes it so effective?

The Unique Technology Behind WTK DEXSORB® Disc: No Shipping of Water Needed

At the heart of each WTK is a DEXSORB-loaded disc, an advanced PFAS filtration technology that eliminates the need for shipping water samples to a lab for analysis. Here’s how it works:

  • DEXSORB Structure: The white paper disc inside WTK contains DEXSORB sandwiched between two fiberglass layers.
  • PFAS Capture: As water passes through the DEXSORB disc, PFAS are captured and retained in the DEXSORB within the disc.
  • High-Efficiency Adsorption: Each gram of DEXSORB media contains 300 quintillion, porous cups! These 0.78 nm cups that comprise DEXSORB capture the PFAS molecules, effectively removing them from water.
  • Broad Spectrum Adsorption: DEXSORB can adsorb contaminants with molecular weights between 150-1000 Daltons.
  • Selective Adsorption: Cups are molecularly selective for PFAS, regardless of their chemical structure.
  • Versatile performance: Performance is equal across all different water matrices including groundwater, surface water, drinking water, wastewater, and landfill leachate.

At just $79 per kit including shipping, WTKs offers a cost-effective solution for PFAS testing making it widely accessible and wallet-friendly to all.

Ease of Use

WTKs are designed for functionality:

  • Simple Collection Process: Fill the collection cup with water and pass the sample through the bottom filter. Drain completely so the cup is empty.
  • PFAS Collection: The PFAS are trapped inside the DEXSORB-loaded disc at the bottom of the cup.
  • Easy Return: Send your kit back to Cyclopure using the provided prepaid shipping label.
  • Fast Results: A detailed sample analysis is provided within 10 business days of receipt of your sample.
Accuracy of Analysis

Cyclopure’s lab analysis provides precise and reliable PFAS data:

  • Comprehensive Testing: Cyclopure’s chemists and advanced analytical instruments test for 55 PFAS compounds.
  • EPA-Validated Methods: Extracted PFAS are recovered using standard EPA methods of elution, validated to EPA Methods 533, 537, and 1633.
  • Strict Standards: All testing methods follow EPA instrument procedures for internal standardization and calibration certification.
  • Low Reporting Limits: Cyclopure chemists ensure a best-in-industry reporting limit of 1.0 parts per trillion (ppt).
  • Accurate Reporting: Reporting limits are validated to meet EPA’s accuracy criteria, including Minimum Reporting Limit (MRL) confirmation.
Peace of Mind

By providing accurate PFAS concentration data, WTKs help safeguard human and environmental health, offering vital information about the water we use and are surrounded by. Knowing what’s in the water you and your family drink, cook with, use to brush your teeth, bathe in, water your plants with, etc., is an imperative first step in determining a course of action to eliminate any silent, pervasive threats like PFAS that may be present. Identifying the presence of PFAS contamination in surface waters is equally important to gain an understanding of PFAS sources and how local ecosystems may be impacted.

WTKs In Action

Since WTK’s conception in late 2019, nearly 10,000 kits have been sold internationally demonstrating widespread adoption and trust in this innovative PFAS testing methodology.  Test kits have been used in the US, Japan, Europe, Bangladesh, and Canada.


Mapping WTK Impact

To illustrate the impact and reach of WTK, Cyclopure has compiled WTK sampling and sales data in the US from October 2021 to May 2024.


R | Leaflet | © OpenStreetMap contributors © CARTO

Map 1: WTKs sold in the US. Data in this map includes water samples from both tap and surface water. The larger a data point circle is, the more samples were collected in that area. The darker red a circle is the greater the PFAS concentration. The Limit of Quantification (LoQ) is the lowest concentration at which PFAS compounds can be reliably detected. This is 1 ppt for each PFAS compound.


Map 2: WTKs sold by state. The darker the state, the greater the number of WTKs sold there.

Top 5 states to purchase the most WTKs:

    1. Maryland – 872
    2. Massachusetts – 824
    3. Colorado – 658
    4. Maine – 645
    5. New York – 644
Comprehensive PFAS Sampling

The more water sampling for PFAS that occurs locally, nationally, and internationally, the more informed we can all be about the health of our water and how we can eliminate PFAS once and for all. Cyclopure would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has used and will use our Water Test Kits; you are an essential part of making ZERO-PFAS water a reality for everyone, everywhere.