Purefast® Home80

High-capacity water filtration system for home


80,000 gallon capacity filtration system that connects directly to your home’s main water line. Fast, effective, and powerful.

Water Test Kit

With your purchase of a Purefast Home80 product you will receive a free Water Test Kit. Use this two weeks after installation to confirm your water is PFAS-free.

Sustainable + Reusable

Purefast Home is a 0-100-0 product. Meaning there are zero PFAS in your water, we reuse 100% of the vessel media and ensure there is zero PFAS waste after use.

Removes EPA PFAS

Fully removes the 6 PFAS designated by the EPA for drinking water regulation to non-detect.

Compact Size

The PFH80 measures at 6”x42”.

Easy to Use

With only one inlet and one outlet, plumber installation is quick and no maintenance is required.


Every water point in your home will be PFAS-free for only a penny per gallon.

Experience PFAS-Free water with Purefast Home80


How long does the PFH80 filter last?

Once installed, your filter will provide 80,000 gallons of PFAS-free water to your home by removing all PFAS to the non-detect level. The operation life of the filter is dependent on your water usage. On average, the filter will provide one (1) year of operation before filter replacement is required. The best way to check your water usage is to look at your monthly or quarterly water bill.

Can I install the PFH80 system myself?

A professional plumber is required to ensure that your system is properly installed and commissioned.

What do I do with my used PFH80 filter?

Cyclopure offers an exchange program for its filters. When you are ready to replace your current filter, contact us to place a new order. When you agree to return the used filter, we will apply a 25% discount to your order. You will pay $600. When you receive the new filter, save the shipping box to return the used filter to our Chicago facility. Shipping is prepaid.

What does Cyclopure do with used PFH80 filters?

Cyclopure provides sustainable handling of used filters. When a filter is returned to Chicago, spent media is collected for further processing. Cyclopure’s DEXSORB media can be regernated in a process that separates and concentrates extracted PFAS. Regenerated DEXSORB is repurposed for non-drinking water applications, and PFAS is fully eliminated by destruction technologies.

Do I need a plumber to change my PFH80 filter?

This filter is compact (6” x 36”) and light (19 lbs) and can easily be switched out without additional plumbing. Place the filter system in bypass mode and unscrew the vessel from the threaded filter control head. Reverse process to install new vessel. When resuming filter operation, it is important to open water flow slowly. Do not immediately open to full flow. See User Manual for system start-up details.

Does the PFH80 filter out other minerals or contaminants in addition to PFAS?

The filter media is a blend of DEXSORB and activated carbon. DEXSORB removes PFAS to a non-detect level and the activated carbon will provide chlorine reduction (for taste and odor). The media does not remove inorganic ions like fluoride and healthy minerals. Our filters do not remove lead or other heavy metals.

Will my PFH80 filter reduce the water pressure in my home?

PFH80 has been optimized for its hydraulic performance with minimal impact to water pressure. We designed the system to support various household water usage from single faucet use (2.2 gallons per minute) to simultaneous use of multiple faucets and/or shower heads (10 gallons per minute). With service flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, the pressure drop through the filter is less than 5 psi.

When will I receive my PFH80 filter system?
Once your order has been received, we will ship your filter within 5 business days from our facility located in Chicago, IL.
Is there a way to confirm that my PFH80 filter is working?

With your purchase of a filter system, you will receive a free Water Test Kit that can be used to test your water for PFAS after installation. We suggest testing your water two weeks after installation to ensure proper operation of your filter system.

How can I tell when my PFH80 filter has treated 80,000 gallons of water?

For homes on municipal water, it is best to monitor your water meter or refer to your water bill statement to determine the total volume of water that has passed through the system. If you do not have a water meter, then we suggest attaching a totalizer to your PFH80 filter to track how much water has been through your system. Totalizers are readily available on Amazon and are easy for a plumber to install.


Bring PFAS-free water into your home at high capacity