Water Test Kit PFAS


What’s in your water? Take the first step toward safe drinking water by testing for PFAS.

Water Test Kit Pro is a convenient, affordable and accurate way to test for PFAS in water. Using DEXSORB®, it is a first-ever sampling method to provide test-site PFAS extraction, eliminating the need to collect, carry and ship water. Cyclopure analytical chemists use isotope dilution methods to measure a total of 55 PFAS on HPLC-HRMS/MS, including all PFAS listed under EPA Methods 533, 537 and 1633 draft. Water Test Kit Pro is listed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIHES) as an SBIR STTR Sensor Technology for the 21st Century. To date, we have tested and reported on over 1,000 water samples in 41 States across the U.S. Learn more.

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How it works

Water Test Kit


Place your order here. You will have 3 months from delivery to use your water test kit.

Water Test Kit


Testing is made simple. Run water through the collection cup. Wear included gloves. Avoid touching inside of cup and do not detach or disturb the blue extraction filter attached to the cup bottom.


Easy; replace lid and return collection cup using ship box with prepaid postage label. No need to send water back!


We use DEXSORB® in passive sampling to collect PFAS. Our lab analysis on LC-MS/MS is validated to EPA methods. We quantify to a 1-2 ppt level of accuracy.


Results will be ready within 10 days of receipt of your sample. Note: Our lab is not certified; results are for your information and will not be accepted by government agencies.



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