Water Test Kit PFAS


What’s in your water? Take the first step toward safe drinking water by testing for PFAS.

Water Test Kit Pro is a convenient, affordable and accurate way to test for PFAS in water. Using DEXSORB®, it is a first-ever sampling method to provide test-site PFAS extraction, eliminating the need to collect, carry and ship water. Cyclopure analytical chemists use isotope dilution methods to measure a total of 55 PFAS on HPLC-HRMS/MS, including all PFAS listed under EPA Methods 533, 537 and 1633 draft. Water Test Kit Pro is listed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIHES) as an SBIR STTR Sensor Technology for the 21st Century. To date, we have tested and reported on over 3,500 water samples across all 50 U.S. States. We have also tested and reported samples from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, and other overseas locations. Learn more.

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How it works

Water Test Kit


Place your order here. You will have 3 months from delivery to use your water test kit.

Water Test Kit


Testing is made simple. Run water through the collection cup. Wear included gloves. Avoid touching inside of cup and do not detach or disturb the blue extraction filter attached to the cup bottom.


Easy; replace lid and return collection cup using ship box with prepaid postage label. No need to send water back!


We use DEXSORB® in passive sampling to collect PFAS. Our lab analysis on LC-MS/MS is validated to EPA methods. We quantify to a 1-2 ppt level of accuracy.


Results will be ready within 10 days of receipt of your sample. Note: Our lab is not certified; results are for your information and will not be accepted by government agencies.

Water Test Kit Pro FAQ

Our Water Test Kit Pro is designed to test for 55 PFAS Analytes using a DEXSORB® loaded extraction disc in the bottom filter. Using DEXSORB®, we can accurately measure and quantify the presence of short and long chain PFAS in a convenient point of site, time-specific extraction method.

When the WTK is received, Cyclopure analytical chemists perform standard solid-phase extraction (SPE) to recover PFAS compounds collected in the DEXSORB® extraction disc. The eluted PFAS sample is subsequently analyzed on a HPLC-MS/MS (QExactive Orbitrap, ThermoFisher).

Analytical procedures use isotope dilution for PFAS measurement and quantification. The analysis of water samples has been validated to the requirements of EPA Methods 533, 537 and 1633 (draft), and follow instrument procedures for internal standardization and calibration.

Cyclopure tests for 55 PFAS structures, including 21 precursors and all PFAS listed under EPA Methods 533, 537 and 1633 draft.

The limit of quantification (LOQ) for all 55 PFAS tested under Cyclopure analytical methods is 1.0 ppt (ng/L) for all PFAS. Reporting limits have been validated to the accuracy criteria of EPA methods, including Minimum Reporting Limit (MRL) confirmation.

Cyclopure testing for PFAS follows the same analytical methods as other commercial labs, and have been validated to EPA’s Demonstration of Capability Quality Control Requirements.
Prior to analysis on HPLC-MS/MS, Cyclopure and other commercial labs process water samples using standard SPE methods to extract and recover PFAS.

The difference in methods is that other labs peform PFAS extractions in lab on water samples collected by customers, while Cyclopure customers perform PFAS extractions in the field using the company’s DEXSORB®- loaded extraction disc. Field extraction avoids trip contamination; PFAS are adsorbed and securely locked into DEXSORB®’s cyclodextrin cups.

All components of the WTK are pre-conditioned and validated to be trace clean, analytical grade for accurate PFAS sampling, including the filter cup, glassfiber membranes, and the DEXSORB®-loaded PFAS extraction disc. No leaching of any other contaminants like plastics will occur during the PFAS sampling activities using our WTK.

Certified Container (filter cup)

Cyclopure WTK employs NalgeneTM Single Use Analytical Filter Funnels as the filter cup to house the DEXSORB® extraction disc. Made with highly rigid polypropylene and polystyrene, this filter cup by Thermo Fisher is sterilized, certified, and purposed for water analysis in full compliance with EPA methods.

Glassfiber Membranes

Two 47-mm analytical grade glassfiber membranes are incorporated into the bottom of the WTK, before and after the DEXSORB® extraction disc. When water sample passes through the extraction disc, this unique design by Cyclopure provides a robust mechanical barrier, and prevents any possible particulates from getting into the DEXSORB® extraction disc and PFAS eluent sample.

DEXSORB® extraction disc

In addition, the highly selective PFAS extraction by our DEXSORB® media guarantees that other contaminates will not interfere with PFAS measurement. DEXSORB® media extracts PFAS from contaminated waters through
a unique adsorption mechanism – host-guest complexations. This occurs in the uniform 0.78-nm hydrophobic cavities of DEXSORB®, which are ideally suited to PFAS through size-inclusion, and excluding other contaminants like plastic particulates that are too large to fit (size-exclusion).

Cyclopure’s Water Test Kit Pro can be used with equal performance and accuracy for surface waters, well water and tap water. Sample collection follows the same procedure of passing 250 mL of water through the collection cup.

Cyclopure has developed its own PFAS test method using its DEXSORB® adsorbent. The method is consistent and highly accurate. It is used by homeowners to test their tap water, by environmental organizations like the Waterkeeper Alliance, Sierra Club and others to test surface waters, and it is recommended and used by Michigan State to monitor PFAS operations.

There is a box in the lower right of the reports which notes EPA lifetime health advisory levels (HALs) for PFOA, PFOS, PFBS, and GenX. EPA has a detailed FAQ regarding its PFAS HALs that you can access by this link.

NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) was developed by the NELAC (National Environmental Laboratories Accreditation Conference) institute (TNI). This program is a national set of standards accredited at the state level that ensures laboratories across the United States use the same EPA testing methods. These testing methods establish practices and quality control requirements to laboratories analyzing environmental samples.

While Cyclopure is not NELAP certified, we take pride in being a water technology laboratory that provides drinking water solutions at an affordable price for everyone through extensive research and development. Our DEXSORB material allows for accurate point-of-site PFAS extraction making it unnecessary to ship water. We provide quality products and services while staying friendly to your wallet and following NELAP guidelines and practices in the lab according to EPA Methods 533,537 and 1633 draft.

Click here to see Water Test Kit Pro FAQ as pdf.