Water is a Life Story

It runs through Everything! Earth – 70% Water People – 60% Water Lungs – 83% Water (We need water to breathe) Birds – 60% Water Fish – 70% Water Trees – 50% Water

It runs through everything!
Earth – 70% Water
People – 60% Water
Lungs – 83% Water (We need water to breathe)
Birds – 60% Water
Fish – 70% Water
Trees – 50% Water

We are a Reflection of Water Health

When Water Health Suffers, We All Suffer – the birds, and fish, and trees too!

There is nothing more powerful, and nothing more vulnerable.

New science has revealed that trace amounts of chemicals like PFAS persist in water supplies, escaping conventional water treatment.

Cyclopure is Writing a New Chapter For Water Health

We joined the clean water movement to target PFAS and other harmful microtoxins. 

We signed on with a purpose to:

Make water safe for everyone, everywhere

We Sweat the Small Stuff. We work among the drops. With 0.78 nanometer adsorbent cups, we get in tight with 0.28 nanometer water molecules to scoop out PFAS and other microtoxins.

We Restore Water, so it can Restore You

We are in business to help communities protect their water supplies.

It takes a team of material chemists, green chemists, analytical chemists, and environmental engineers to get DEXSORB to the treatment plant every day.



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