Every drop counts...

Protecting water is for the birds (and all of us)

Sustainability is In!

What’s in …

Water Security

Tap Water Trust

Zero PFAS Water

Reusable Adsorbents


Cyclopure Water Test Kit $

Point of Site Extraction

Purefast® Filter

PFAS Waste Destruction


What’s out …

Water Scarcity

“I Don’t Trust It” – 40% of Americans

Zero Sugar Drinks

Single Use Adsorbents


Pricy Lab Testing $$$

Shipping Water Samples

Cases of Plastic  Bottled Water

PFAS Waste Landfill

Deferred Action (Kicking Can Down Road)

Green is the New Blue

We fully destroy PFAS waste with green chemistries to prevent recontamination.

Unlocking Sustainability: Zero-100-Zero

  • Zero PFAS in Your Water
  • 100% Reuse of DEXSORB
  • Zero PFAS Waste

We are driven by “Re”:

  • Renewable corn-based media
  • 100% PFAS Removal
  • Fully Reusable
  • No Recontamination

We are looking out for the future of water health

The Future of Water is here on Earth. No way on Mars. The red planet is also a dry planet.

1% of the world’s water is fresh, re-used constantly to meet the demand for the entire planet. DEXSORB® is working to keep the water cycle clean.

66% of households do not use tap for drinking. We’re helping to change that. Smart water comes from the tap, not plastic bottles.

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