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If your business involves water purification or treatment, we’d like to work with you. We have developed novel adsorption treatments, sourced from renewable materials, that target the unmet challenges of micropollutants like PFAS in our water supplies. To make our materials broadly available for the benefit of communities and households, we are partnering with market leaders to adapt solutions to meet their application requirements.

Flexible development matrix

Water treatment systems are present throughout our communities, with wide-ranging requirements that vary by use: home, industry or municipality. We have a flexible development platform that allows us to combine technology elements in complimentary ways to prepare the optimal solution for you.

Tailored technology

Using tools of molecular chemistry, we have the ability to tailor our adsorbents so they can selectively target contaminants of concern and provide you with desired treatment solutions.

Water Treatment Technology - Diagram describing the relationship between Cyclodextrins, Crosslinkers, and charge control to tailor the affinity of Cyclopure adsorbents to selectively target contaminants of concern.

Product pipeline

Working with cyclodextrin and resorcinarene cavitand technologies, we have developed three water treatment formulas:

  • DEXSORB® for the removal of pesticides, pharmaceutical residues and lifestyle drugs
  • DEXSORB+ for the removal of perflorinated compounds (PFAS), such as PFOA, PFOS and GenX
  • CALIXSORB for the removal of 1,4 dioxanes and trihalomethanes, such as chloroform

Form factor versatility

We make our sorbents in powder and granular form, and can also port them to other media form factors, such as filter papers or extruded block. This versatility allows us to adapt our solutions for use in diverse water treatment environments.

Water Treatment Technology - Home Filtration
Home Filtration
Food & Beverage
Municipal Drinking Water

Water Treatment Technology - Municipal Wastewater
Municipal Wastewater
Wastewater Reclamation

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