Making Water Safe.
For Everyone. Everywhere.

PFAS-free water by DEXSORB®

Zero PFAS Water is In! Meet Purefast® with DEXSORB.

On a scale of 0 – 10, Purefast® is a Zero!

You are going to like Zero. A first-ever filter that brings PFAS protection to your countertop.

Ditch the plastic water bottles. Invite Purefast® home. (One filter equals 700 bottles.)

Say hello to your tap again. (It’s the faucet over your kitchen sink.)

Targeting PFAS Everywhere to Make Water Safe

With its rapid uptake, DEXSORB is uniquely suited to remove PFAS in standard home filtration formats: Countertop Pitchers; Faucet Mount; Under-the-Counter; Refrigerator; and Whole Home Point-of-Entry.

With its molecular selectivity to PFAS, and size-exclusion resistance to fouling, DEXSORB removes PFAS with high capacity and equal performance in varied water matrices, including surface water; groundwater; wastewater; and landfill leachate.

Stopping PFAS starts with knowing. DEXSORB has been adapted for use in multiple applications to monitor PFAS contamination, including Grab Sampling for time and point specific measurements; Passive Sampling for time averaged sampling; and Deep Well Monitoring for groundwater.

Engineered with Circular Purpose for a Better World




Designed for Rapid PFAS Removal

Filtration should happen outside your body, not inside!

  • PFAS: Small size, big hazard
  • DEXSORB: Tailored adsorption that traps PFAS in nano-sized cups
  • The Work Force: Quintillions (that’s really a number) of cups in a gram of DEXSORB

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