With new science, we want to do something novel:

Tap water that you can drink.

At Cyclopure, we want to break the cycle of water contamination from micropollutants. We guess that makes us disruptors.

Making water safe. For everyone. Everywhere. At Cyclopure, we want to break the cycle of water contamination from micropollutants.

We are inventors

We like inventing things that solve challenges to make life better — in this case new adsorbents that make water safe.

Making water safe. For everyone. Everywhere. At Cyclopure, we want to break the cycle of water contamination from micropollutants.

We’re on a mission

Our mission is to make access to drinking water affordable with tap water you can drink again. The age of single-use plastic bottles is over. We’re making water in the home safe for everyone, everywhere, without harming the environment.

We sweat the small stuff: nanoscale microtoxins

Yep, we own it. We love our cyclodextrins.

Luckily, we’re able to put our geekery to good use, thanks to organizations like the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences who have supported our efforts; developing new solutions for water quality which is one of the most urgent health challenges of today.

We are global leaders

We are a global leader in the science of targeted micropollutant removal and pioneered the first-ever use of cyclodextrin-based polymer adsorbents to safely strip away micropollutants from water. We are internationally recognized and award-winning chemists, founders of Fortune 500 companies, and seasoned executives with a passion for building and operating new technology businesses. We’ve come together because of a unique opportunity to make a difference.

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Meet the team

Meet the Team

Frank Cassou

Frank Cassou, Co-Founder & CEO

Frank is an entrepreneurial leader who has worked as executive and advisor to technology companies in Silicon Valley, San Diego, New York, and Washington, D.C. He has spent his career suiting up to help technology companies grow their businesses, and is a recognized expert in technology development, finance, IP and government affairs. He wants to come back as Roger Federer in his next life.

Meet the Team

Fran Harding

Fran Harding, Chief Financial Officer

Fran has over 30 years of senior financial experience for international wireless technology companies including QUALCOMM, Cricket, and NextWave Wireless. Financial precision has not followed Fran to the golf course, where he is at home in the rough.

Meet the Team

Edon Vitaku

Edon Vitaku, Senior Research Chemist

Eddie is an expert in the development and design of multi-dimensional porous polymer structures for use in high-value applications. He leads the company’s development of new adsorbents and is the lab champ in trivia games.

Meet the Team

Will Dichtel

Will Dichtel, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

A pioneering chemist in the development of porous polymer networks, Will is the lead inventor of Cyclopure’s technology. His research has been recognized with several national and international awards, including a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in 2015 for his innovations in polymer chemistry. Will is also currently the Robert L. Letsinger Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University. Will is into water — really, he loves open water swimming.

Board of Directors

Frank Cassou
CEO & Co-Founder, Cyclopure

William Dichtel
Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder, Cyclopure

Harvey White
Co-Founder, Qualcomm and Founder, Leap Wireless

Robert T. Symington
Senior Advisor, Avenue Capital Group


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