Powerful uptake capabilities can be utilized across a broad spectrum of water treatment and industrial applications.
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Point-Of-Use Water Treatment
The instant uptake capabilities of our HACP adsorbents make them ideal for PoU applications that demand short water-contact times and unimpeded water flow. Available in multiple formulations and particle sizes, they can be easily integrated into all major categories of PoU water treatment products including faucet mounted, countertop, under-the-sink, water bottle, and table pitcher products.
Community Drinking Water Treatment Facilities
Current water treatment technologies used at water treatment facilities are not designed to remove trace contaminants and are unable to remove micropollutants from public drinking water distribution networks. Our adsorbents can be applied at various stages of the the water treatment process and represent a cost-effective solution to remove organic micropollutants from public water supplies.
Personalized Water Filtration
Mobile filtration - the ability for people to bring water filtration technology wherever they go - is an emerging category in personalized products. Small, internal filters loaded with small doses of our HACP adsorbents can transform standard water bottles into mobile filtration units to ensure the availability of safe drinking water wherever people go.
Residential and Assisted Living Water Treatment
Drinking water treatment systems currently in use at residential and assisted living facilities are unable to remove micropollutants from the facility's drinking water. Clean water is especially critical to aging populations who have greater vulnerability to chemical contaminants. Our HACP adsorbents offer an easy and cost-effective way to help bring clean water to residential and senior communities.
Drinking Water Applications
Community Waste Water Treatment
Removing harmful micropollutants during the waste water treatment process, and prior to discharge into nearby water resources, is critical to eliminating these contaminants from the environment. Our HACP adsorbents can be utilized as a polishing stage in the waste water treatment process to eliminate organic micropollutants from the water cycle.
Industrial Waste Water Treatment
Our adsorbents can be incorporated into industrial waste water treatment systems to help companies meet increasingly stringent local and federal regulations that restrict the levels of micropollutants that can be discharged into municipal sewage systems or local water resources.
Drinking Water Applications
Water Applications
Medical Waste Water Treatment
Hospitals discharge considerable amounts of pharmaceuticals and chemical reagents in their wastewaters. Our HACP adsorbents can be inplemented into hospital wastewater systems to remove chemical and pharmaceutical micropollutants that resist normal wastewater treatment and end up in drinking water sources.
Bonding to Textiles
Our HACP adsorbents can be bonded into woven and non-woven textiles to enable the development of innovative textiles and fiber materials, such as water purification membranes, odor-controlling fabrics, respirators and other protective materials. The nature of the augmented fabric is unchanged, and can be handled with existing manufacturing techniques and equipment.
Food & Beverage, Fragrance, Pharmaceutical
Our adsorbents' ability to seperate and remove trace compounds from liquid solutions can be applied to remove unwanted compounds in a variety of industrial applications.
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