Based on discoveries at Cornell and Northwestern Universities, our high-affinity cyclodextrin polymer adsorbents set a new standard in the safe removal of organic micropollutants from drinking water.
Breakthrough Science
Our line of high-affinity HACP adsorbent are made by combining cyclodextrin  - a biofriendly sugar compound - with rigid monomers.  The result is  the world's first high-surface area, high-affinity mesoporous, cyclodextrin adsorbent with an unparalled ability to instantly adsorb thousands of micropollutants from water.
Our HACP adsorbents represent a leap forward in the safe, rapid, and cost-effective removal of toxic micropollutants from water. The novelty of our technology is to organize naturally “sticky” cyclodextrins into highly adsorbent networks with porous, crosslinked pathways through which micropollutants are drawn in and trapped within cyclodextrins.
Based on leading-edge science, CycloPure adsorbents far outperforms activated carbon which has  been used in water treatment for over 100 years. From dosage requirements to adsortion rates, CycloPure adsorbents are the clear choice for applications that require cost-effective micropollutant removal solutions.
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