Numerous studies on the features, mechanisms, and formulations of our DEXSORB technology have been reported in major peer reviewed academic journals.
“Rapid removal of organic micropollutants from water by a porous-cyclodextrin polymer”; Nature, January 14, 2016   Link to article
Journal of the American Chemical Society
“Cyclodextrin Polymer Network Sequesters Perfluorooctanoic Acid at Environmentally Relevant Concentrations”; Journal of American Chemical Society, May 30, 2017  
Link to article
Chemistry of Materials
“Cotton Fabric Functionalized with a Cyclodextrin Polymer Captures Organic Pollutants from Contaminated Air and Water”; Chemistry of Materials, October 24, 2016  
Link to article
Environment Science & Technology
“Benchmarking micropollutant removal by activated carbon and porous -cyclodextrin polymers under environmentally relevant scenarios”; Environmental Science & Technology, May 30, 2017  
Link to article

Journal of Chromatography A
“Tetrafluoroterephthalonitrile-crosslinked β-cyclodextrin polymers for efficient extraction and recovery of organic micropollutants from water”; Journal of Chromatography, March 16, 2018  
Link to article
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