Our DEXSORB adsorbents offer superior performance against micropollutants compared to activated carbon, a nonselective charcoal introduced over 100 years ago. From dosing requirements to adsorption rates to life cycle costs, DEXSORB is a 21st century technology that solves the pervasive problem of water contamination by harmful chemicals in dilute concentrations of one part per billion and less.
DEXSORB vs Activated Carbon
DEXSORB MP achieves full removal of micropollutants such as Bisphenol-A (BPA)  in seconds as compared to minutes for activated carbon.

A. Alsbaiee, B. J. Smith, L. Xiao, Y. Ling, D. E. Helbling, W. R. Dichtel, Nature, 2016, 529, 190
DEXSORB MP outperformed Coconut Coir Activated Carbon (CCAC) in removal studies of 83 micropollutant compounds, removing 30 chemicals to more than 90% in flow through tests compared to only two by CCAC.

Y. Ling, M. J. Klemes, L. Xiao, A. Alsbaiee, W. R. Dichtel, D. E. Helbling, Environ. Sci. Technol, 2017

DEXSORB PFAS can reduce PFOA levels in groundwater to meet 2017 EPA and New Jersey limits.
DEXSORB significantly outperformed FS600 activated carbon in the removal of PFOA and PFOS in high concentration studies with a diluted AFFF solution.
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β Cyclodextrin
DEXSORB PFAS has been engineered with selective affinity against PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) and other PFAS compounds. DEXSORB PFAS features rapid adsorption of PFAS toxins with low dosing and short contact time, achieving environmentally relevant removal to less than 10 parts per trillion.
β Cyclodextrin
DEXSORB MP provides high-affinity adsorption against hundreds of diverse chemical compounds in water treatement applications. DEXSORB MP can be formulated in powder and granular particle sizes to meet the filtration and water flow requirements of virtually any water treatment application and can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other treatment methods.
Two Formulations  
Setting a new standard in
micropollutant removal.
What is
DEXSORB adsorbents are based on breakthrough technology that combines renewable, cup-like cyclodextrin compounds with crosslinkers to form high-surface-area, porous networks. The networked cyclodextrin "cups" instantly bind/adsorb organic micropollutants upon contact. A key feature of DEXSORB is that formulations can be tuned to target specific contaminants by selecting crosslinkers with association to the chemical properties of the contaminant.    > LEARN MORE.
How does
Our DEXSORB formulations effectivly remove thousands of chemical compounds including harmful perfluorinated compounds such as PFOA and PFOS, pesticides such as atrazine and chlorpyrifos, organic synthetics such as bisphenol A (BPA), as well as hundreds of pharmaceutical compounds.
What does DEXSORB remove?
We expect commercial volumes of our initial DEXSORB formulations to be available through our manufacturing partners in 2019. Samples of our DEXSORB products are currently available to community water treatment operators and manufacturers of consumer water treatment products.
Is DEXSORB commercially available?
DEXSORB represent a new class of high-surface area adsorbents that selectively target micropollutants at concentrations below one part per billion. Produced from corn-based sugar molecules called “cyclodextrins,” DEXSORB adsorbents resist fouling by inert materials in water and offer rapid uptake capability with low dosage requirements. These unique features make DEXSORB adsorbents ideally suited for use in water treatment systems that serve businesses, communities and households.
High Affinity
DEXSORB achieves its strong binding affinity from cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, that are optimally sized for the attraction and removal of micropollutants at the molecular level.
High Affinity
Instant Uptake
The highly porous nature of our DEXSORB  adsorbents opens pathways for rapid access to the cyclodextrins, imparting rapid uptake kinetics for applications where short contact times and continuous water flow are required.
Resists Fouling
DEXSORB adsorbents contain cyclodextrin "cups" that are less than one nanometer in diameter, creating size-exclusion that resists fouling by larger inert molecules and naturally occuring organic particulates.
Low Dosing
Drop-In Use
Effective at concentrations of one part per billion and less, DEXSORB adsorbents are uniquely efficient in the removal of micropollutants, requiring lower doses of material to achieve adsorption objectives.
DEXSORB adsorbents are easily regenerated using simple washing techniques allowing reuse for many cycles with unaffected performance.
DEXSORB is available in multiple particle sizes and can be optimized for maximum flow-through performance in any water treatment application.
DEXSORB Offers Unparalled Performance
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