Utilizing the highly adsorbent nature of cyclodextrins and additional affinity provided by crosslinked pathways, CycloPure adsorbents are ideally suited to rapidly and selectively remove contaminants at trace levels - measured in parts per billion (ppb) or parts per trillion (ppt). Often achieving full removal in seconds, our adsorbents offer the opportunity of rapid adsorption in flow-through treatment applications.
High Affinity
Strong binding affinity from cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, which are optimally sized for the attraction and removal of micropollutants at the molecular level.
High Affinity
Instant Uptake
The highly porous nature of our HACP adsorbents opens pathways for rapid access to the cyclodextrins, imparting rapid uptake kinetics for applications where short contact times and continuous water flow are required.
Resists Fouling
Our HACP adsorbents contain cyclodextrin "cups" that are less than one nanometer in diameter, creating size-exclusion that resists fouling by larger inert molecules and naturally occuring organic particulates.
Low Dosing
Drop-In Use
Effective at concentrations of one part per billion and less, our HACP adsorbents are uniquely efficient in the removal of micropollutants, requiring lower doses of material to achieve adsorption objectives.
Easily regenerated on-site using a low-cost washing techniques and and can be used for many cycles with unaffected performance.
Available in multiple particle sizes.  Can be optimized for maximum flow-through performance in any water treatment application.
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