Our applications development team is ready to help you discover how DEXSORB adsorbents can work for you.
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Consumer Point-of-Use Product Manufacturers
Interested in offering consumer products capable of removing PFOS, PFOA, and other toxic micropollutants? Our applications development team is ready to help you incorporate DEXSORB adsorbents into your home filtration offerings.
Water Treatment Operators & Engineering Firms
DEXSORB adsorbents offer a new cost-effective method to eliminate hundreds of micropollutants, including PFOA and PFOS, at DWTP and WWTP facilities. Inquire to learn about CycloPure's beta partner program.
Residential and Assisted Living Drinking Water Treatment
Inquire to learn how to work with our field partners to ensure safe drinking water for your tenants and residents.
Medical & Commercial Enterprises
From hair salons and car washes to hospitals and factories, enterprises of all types are discovering how CycloPure adsorbents can work for them.
Beverage Producers
Our adsorbents offer beverage producers a novel and cost-effective way to remove unwanted compounds during the production cycle.
Embedded Textiles
The ability to embed fabrics with our adsorption technology is enabling innovative textiles. Find out how we can work with you to add odor-controlling functionality to athletic, outdoor and leisure clothing.
Portable Water Filtration
DEXSORB filters can be designed to fit virtually any water bottle to protect consumers and ensure the water they drink is free from micropollutants. 
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