CycloPure's next-generation HACP adsorbents far outperform activated carbon which has  been used in water treatment for over 100 years. From dosage requirements to adsortion rates, CycloPure is the clear choice for applications that require cost-effective micropollutant removal solutions.
CycloPure CD-MP achieves full removal of micropollutants such as Bisphenol-A (BPA)  in seconds as compared to minutes for activated carbon.

A. Alsbaiee, B. J. Smith, L. Xiao, Y. Ling, D. E. Helbling, W. R. Dichtel, Nature, 2016, 529, 190
CycloPure CD-MP was up to 700% more effective than Coconut Coir Activated Carbon (CCAC) in removing 80% of 83 separate micropollutant compounds.

Y. Ling, M. J. Klemes, L. Xiao, A. Alsbaiee, W. R. Dichtel, D. E. Helbling, Environ. Sci. Technol, 2017

CycloPure CD-PFAS can reduce PFOA levels in groundwater to meet 2017 EPA and New Jersey limits.
Cyclopure CD-PFAS is far more effective than FS600 activated carbon in the removal of PFOA, PFOS, and other per/poly fluoroalkyl compounds.
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Superior Performance
Compared to Activated Carbon
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